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Ti is the market leader when it comes to the provision of research and analysis on the logistics industry in Emerging Markets and is a proven deliverer of high quality, thought provoking events with experience in Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East

Ti events typically see attendance from 150-200 senior level professionals across the industry including logistics providers, shippers, government supporting organisations, high tech experts, economists, property developers, consultants and investors.

Exclusive networking

Ti’s contact database of +27,000 global industry professionals means that we can guarantee an impressive attendee list, an example of which can be seen from Ti’s last event, Emerging Markets More.

Singapore 2013 »

Ti's latest event, Emerging Markets Logistics Singapore looked at the idea that Emerging Markets hold the key to the development of the global logistics industry over the next twenty years, showcasing research from Ti and Agility. It looked at urbanisation and the development of more affluent middle classes in regions such as Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific with speakers from

DHL, Unilever and Diageo giving their views.
In conjunction with BT, Ti then looked at new technologies currently being developed such as 3D Printing and whether they could revolutionise production techniques with comments from HP.

Further information about this event, including testimonials, can be found here.

Research Centre »

China: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Over the last three decades, the relentless rise of China's export-driven economy has changed the face of world commerce. But China is now in flux as its economy transitions into a new stage of development, rendering the assumptions of yester-year obsolete. Tomorrow's China will be a very different place, creating new opportunities, with new risks for manufacturers, traders, banks as well as supply chain and other service providers.300 download

Singapore - A supply chain hub for emerging markets and beyond

Singapore has become a key operating location for manufacturers and logistics providers, with its airport and seaport among the busiest in the world. Transport Intelligence examines the country's growing significance to global supply chains and the sustainability of this growth, with comment from the Singapore Economic Development, CEVA, DHL, Infineon Technologies and Becton Dickinson. download

Dubai Conference Invitation

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